Clinical Data Management


Clinical Data Management System (CDM) is leading clinical development industry into a new innings of transformation. It also now faces an elevating attention from the safety and regulatory sectors, which have never been seen earlier. For the biopharmaceutical and medical devices companies, ineffectual data management can make it impossible to market the products efficiently in the multifaceted business and regulatory milieu.

WorkSure® provides an integrated customized technology driven, user friendly interface ensuring efficient delivery. Our use of technology for gratification of the clinical development process, adherence to strict compliance standards and 24×7 support results in reduced costs and timelines with much-needed medical therapies reaching patients faster. We believe in cost efficient, time bound, process driven and knowledge based data management system.

Our comprehensive clinical data management services enable its clients to reconsider traditional methods of clinical data management by redefining their system of conducting clinical trials and thus accomplish new heights of proficiency and productivity. We offer flexible solutions to meet fast analysis and management of the data without compromising its integrity and accuracy. With WorkSure®, we assure the highest quality and rapid data collection and distribution to stakeholders, better traceability of data and robust QC at database lock.

WorkSure® offers specialized service for clinical data management which includes strategizing and developing of data management plan, extraction for analysis and final reporting with supportive statistical and medical writing services.

Our CDM Services Includes:


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Qualities that differentiate WorkSure® CDM services: