Special Services


Facilitation of Medical research & Communication (FMRC)


With the advancement of medical research and methodologies, discovering and disseminating knowledge is a prime focus of various research institutions. However, In India, it is limited to some apex medical institutions and central laboratories who contribute a meager of 1.2% to the total published medical research, in nearly 10,000 journals, worldwide. Despite the larger patient pool, lack of proper inclination towards the medical research methodologies; have prevented any blockbuster outcome for the benefit of mankind.

To promote medical research and communication, Medical Councils and legislative bodies have also introduced regulation, which makes a minimum number of original research publications in indexed journals, mandatory for promotions. We at WorkSure® promotes medical research at the level of individual physician, as well as hospitals; conduct training in medical research methodologies; assist in developing research plans; managing, analyzing and interpreting data, and even communicating medical research on various platforms and in journals.


Medico-Legal Case (MLC) Booklets


Medical profession is normally considered to be the most dignified domain, but over the years the physician- patient relationship is being perceived to be more commercial. There is always a degree of risk involved for associated legal issues during consultation/treatment/management, irrespective of the specialization. A medical professional has the right to turn away the patient before commencing medical treatment. But it is necessary to provide basic minimum care to the patient in case of medical/surgical emergency. He or she has the right to choose from the various available medications, choose from the available investigations, procedures and methods of treatment based on various scientific or published facts and findings.

Despite the utmost care, now a days several cases of negligence (whether advertently or inadvertently done) are being registered against medical professionals. This rise in medico legal cases (MLCs) owes to decrease the patient’s faith and trust on doctors. A proper handling and accurate documentation of treatment cases is crucial to avoid legal complications. WorkSure® has started a new endeavor of offering MLC products to help medical fraternity through increasing awareness. The products provide reader friendly information and help deal with commonly encountered situations within medical legal domain. They help avoid medico legal complications by following simple do’s and dont’s in day to day clinical practice.

MLC Booklet


Pharmacoeconomics & Modeling


Pharmacoeconomics (PE), a sub discipline of health economics, evaluates the behaviour of individual, firms, and markets relevant to the use of pharmaceutical products, services, and programs, and with the focus on the costs (inputs) and consequences (outcomes) of that use. WorkSure® team specializes in Pharmacoeconomic studies, modelling and various healthcare budget analyses to optimize healthcare resources and promotional activities. We assist decision making in the management and financing of pharmaceutical products in the health care system or national health insurance programs of countries. Cost-minimization, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility and cost-benefit are the four techniques commonly used in economic evaluation.

PE has a wide role in health policy decision making by different healthcare professionals, policy makers, healthcare providers, health-care administrators, and health managers. The utility could be observed even in small practice setting where practitioners can benefit from applying the principles and methods of PE. Various clinical decisions, whether for patients’ perspective or for entire healthcare system, is always supported by the existing pharmacoeconomic data. WorkSure® provides an explicit, quantitative, and prescriptive approach to decide among alternative outcomes in clinical decision analysis, through its economic modelling capabilities.


Brand Meter


Brand medical report card is a unique presentation of combined medical & marketing aspects of any brand, related to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, diagnostic or medical device industries. It help in understanding, evaluating & presenting newer medical aspects about a brand/molecule/therapy & helps to enhance better acceptance among target customers. It involves objective identification & questionnaire preparation in consultation with product management & medical team. Analysis, Interpretation & presentation of data is done in right perspective, along with feedback from KOLs, to enhance brand acceptance & usage. It gives fresh lease of discussion for brands facing stagnation, helps KOL engagement & also provides sales team with an opportunity to understand active science.