Medical Affairs Management


Rigorous medical oversight during the development optimises your product’s chances of making it to market. With meticulous medical acquaintances, we are committed to place your product on the top of the table.

Medical Affairs (MA) play a key role in addressing the medical needs associated with products, therapies and disease states, and strikes a balance to bring about improvement in patient outcomes in line with commercial objectives.

WorkSure® Medical Affair services are not only about medical scrutinizing but to provide complete medical related services including pre-launch readiness, medical information provision, late-phase studies and post-marketing surveillance to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Our experienced team has been operating in industry and more crucially in therapeutic based practices for years, to support our clients with the advantage of global experience to resolve the issues that appear in day to day processes of the pharmaceutical industry. WorkSure® works to provide its clients with complete assistance for overall product support.

Medical Affairs success during a clinical trial is accomplished by a combination of operational excellence, technology and medical oversight. WorkSure® Medical Affairs is the single solution for the organisations working with customers, regulatory authorities, patients and physicians.

The Medical Affairs services offered by WorkSure® include:


Medical training
Medical Education and training


Our Medical Affairs services provides support for medical education & training by educating health care professionals to deliver precise, complete and impartial information that supports the science behind the products. It also encompasses external education activities include CMEs, seminars, small group meetings, updates and conferences etc. Continuous training of sales team is essential to keep them abreast with the latest information on the products and also industry regulations.


Medical Communication


We supports in the preparation & evaluation of scientific & promotional literatures, scientific support of international and local clinical advisory boards, including KOL engagement, etc. Our other services include field queries, online portal for FAQ’s etc. We are experts in the development of tools to support medical and scientific communications such as scientific slides, kits and standard-response documents.



Medico Marketing
Medico marketing and business development


Our medico marketing communication team supports to launch and develop strong brand communication to reach target audience. We offer the services include promotional pamphlets, brochure designing & printing, posters, sales training manuals, detailing kits, web content, E-report designing & development, conference transcript development and marketing strategy support & guidance on therapy positioning across product life cycle.


Clinical research and regulatory activities


WorkSure® helps organizations seeking regulatory assistance and approvals. Medical Affairs team works closely with the regulatory & clinical development team for planning and organizing clinical trials. They support clinical development plan, protocol development, investigator selection and meetings, ongoing data maintenance and management, statistical analysis & interpretation, report writing activities, post marketing safety and surveillance, compliance, quality assurance and quality control.

Research Regulatory


KOL Management
KOL Management and Interfacing Responsibilities


The Key opinion leader (KOL) management should be aligned with both scientific and commercial perspectives. Harmonizing KOL activity is increasingly crucial for both compliance and effectiveness. The communication of meaningful information like crafting scientific exchange tools and resources for continued medical education on disease state, current therapeutics and patient care gaps are the important aspects of on-going interaction between KOLs and Medical Affairs function.