Clinical Education Management


Clinical Education is an integral part of healthcare profession as it involves diverse educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, performance and relationships which a healthcare professional (physician, pharmacists or nurses) uses to provide services to patients, the public or the profession.

The clinical education programs offered by WorkSure® are specially designed to advance patient care by sharing knowledge among the clinical, paramedical, scientific, marketing and sales personnel. We offer customized educational programs through web-based learning tools and live events designed for physicians, medical laboratory scientists, pharmacists, nurses, transfusion specialists, transplant coordinators and post-graduate students in healthcare. We not only support in developing & delivering in house training modules, but also various online platforms, medical video, animation or multimedia program. Every program reinforces our brand with the most professional production values.

Each program that we develop consists following in built values:
We also provide support in the following areas:

We identify possible research opportunities within Clinical Education to enhance program development and optimize company profile against competitor organisations. We are dedicated to clinical education services to facilitate continuing education for the professional development of healthcare providers to ensure quality healthcare and patient safety.

Clinical Education programs offered by WorkSure® MedPharma Consultancy include:


Education Management
Continued Medical Education Program for HCPs & Patients


WorkSure® helps in designing & implementing continued educational programmes for health care professionals and mass education programmes for patients, so as to provide healthcare professionals/ patient/ public with accurate, balanced medical information in an ethical manner for self empowerment.


Medical training to the sales & marketing, medical & research team.


WorkSure® supports in maximizing the marketing management and medical expertise throughout the organization with training programs for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Medical Education Training