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Medical Information System Management Software


This platform connects all the stakeholders, i.e. medical, marketing, sales & HCP’s. It helps in all round communication that flows from medical & marketing via other stakeholders & comes back to them as information. It is designed for impeccable integration of all, to form a collaborative tool, which ensures easy flow of medical information. It helps establish direct communication with HCP’s about various relevant & important scientific information & get – necessary feedback that helps in remodeling product strategy further.


e Sure Clinic


This medical application integrates patient medical information with analytics & information technology. Enable clinics/ hospitals with medical IT technology, involving interactive, informative & convenient interface for both patients & doctor. Patient record mapping and qualitative healthcare help make informed clinical decisions and further improve clinical practice. It also integrates an inclusive IT based electronic health record solution. Use of automation helps HCP’s to have better visibility at every level and treat patients based on his/her past practice. In nutshell this application promotes evidence based practice and improve quality of healthcare.

E Sure clinic


Pharma Device
Pharma/Device Product Promotion Platforms


This application provides an opportunity for the healthcare organization to advertise and detail their products or services. It is critical to transform the way, medical community views disease & manages or utilizes new ways for their monitoring and treatment. This platform has scientific orientation highlighting the product information, their interaction with patients’ lives, and modification management in context to diseases and guidelines. It also facilitates brand and market convergence during the course of product life cycle. Sometimes brand promotion could be limited due to low awareness of market, distant geography or therapeutic concepts of recent developments. This software takes such gaps into consideration and work on them through effective communication of the brand’s therapeutic concepts and build it in even distant geographies.


Treatment Compliance App (Android & IOS)


This App based healthcare monitoring system help improve medication compliance among patients. Also it helps patient education and training through customized disease base program, enhancing patients’ knowhow about the disease & the importance of recommended therapy. Overall, it enhances self-adherence, compliance and quality of life in patients.