Med-Digital solution is shaping the future for pharmaceutical marketing

‘Digital’ has become an important part of the everyday life. Digital healthcare plays a key role in the overall business strategy, and is going to change the world dramatically, affecting all businesses and modes of life. The fastest pace of technological and medical advancement, increase in healthcare spending and the needs of a growing and aging global population makes it a major sector in its own right. Most of the life sciences and technology companies plan to increase their investment in digital healthcare.

Digital healthcare is the intersection between two giant sectors- life sciences and technology. Healthcare information search is one of the most common online activities among internet users of all ages. Pew Research found 72% of patients use internet to search for information on hospitals, doctors and medical treatments. The presence of interactive digital communications is necessary in order for the pharmaceutical companies and Health service providers to ensure full relevance and profitability. The web and mobile technologies have the potential to both deliver personalized and culturally-tailored communications that are widely used and highly-trusted by consumers. Various digital platforms are linking online professional and patient communities and helping them adapt to increase usage of mobile, social media for medical information.

Physicians prefer to conduct easy tasks such as information-checking on mobile devices, while leaving more complex activities like CME for completion on their PCs. But improvement in mobile browsing capabilities and introduction of IPADs, tablets, smart phones etc. physicians have started using them for more advanced activities than just reference purposes. Physicians are no longer limited to in-person details for information and updates on pharmaceutical products, but can easily seek out this type of information at any time through various medical information digital platforms. In light of this, pharmaceutical companies are also offering clinician online customer services such as customer service portals, live video presentation, interactive detailing and e-sampling. Sales team is also “digitalizing” its in-person visits with tools such as tablet PCs, IPADS etc.

To have an effective content marketing strategy, healthcare companies must have a comprehensive, written plan for success. There are some businesses that are very innovative in terms of digital advancement, but lack of good case studies of digitalisation in the pharmaceutical sector limits the use. Some organisations are trying to understand the true value of digital while others are integrating it into the wider marketing strategy. Despite these barriers, healthcare marketing cannot be overlooked.

The traditional one way relationship in healthcare system will change to two way relationship exclusively with help of digitalization on this sector. Digital Marketing in any sector is a more cost-effective and less time consuming method to communicate with customers compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing allows pharmaceutical marketers to use data to create more strategic engagement with prescribers and physicians.

WorkSure® is a Med-Digital solution provider and work as Medical knowledge and technology partner to all healthcare industries. WorkSure® brings in a unique capability of world class Medical services along with IT infrastructure, and is involved in developing various interactive digital platforms for doctors and patient education. WorkSure® IT based products helps improve qualitative healthcare, while managing large databases for doctors and patients to have easy and quick interactions. Various digital interaction platforms and medical information transfer systems help easy flow of information for industry, physicians as well as patients.