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The last decade has seen a tremendous transformation in the medical space with information technology (IT) been a major facilitator for this change. With the advent of advanced medical devices and equipment, healthcare has become one of the most technologically spontaneous fields in the current times. In patient care segment, until recently, a majority of services followed a direct patient care approach. There was no structured medical support available to indirect patient care system which comprises of all healthcare industries viz. Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Nutraceuticals etc. Realizing this need, WorkSure created a specialized medical support functionary for this indirect patient care system, thereby uplifting overall effectiveness of direct patient care interventions.

Knowledge Translation from Innovation to Implementation
Today, WorkSure has established itself as India’s first MedPharma knowledge & technology Partner for all healthcare industries & HCPs. The company has robust experience in combining innovation and the finest technology available to meet its customers’ needs. Ankit Pathak, Founder & CEO, WorkSure, says, “We are a medically driven outcome based solution company and we use medical knowledge and technology to assist our partners across multiple domains”.

WorkSure offers a wide range of specialized services across seven verticals, namely Clinical data Management, Medical Writing and Research Solutions, Medical Affairs Management, Medical Digital marketing, Clinical Education Management, Customer Relationship Management and Sales & marketing support. The company also specializes in providing medical IT based products like Medical Information System (MIS) Software, e Sure Clinic, Pharma/device promotion Platform and Treatment Compliance App. “Earlier Clinical data management used to be IT driven which has transitioned to become an entirely outcome oriented medical driven management,” explains Ankit. The company also extends some of its special services to its customers across four verticals which include Facilitation of Medical Research & Communication (FMRC), Medico Legal Case (MLC) awareness, Pharmacoeconomics and Brand Meter.

Medical Digital Marketing, Qualitative Health and Patient Data Integration 
WorkSure core competency lies in its medical domain and a strong IT infrastructure accompanied with outcome based solutions. Medical-Digital marketing strategy like personalized content marketing with advanced analytics has brought competitive advantage for healthcare brands by improving their effectiveness of scientific marketing. Digital tools also provide the leverage of time in terms of quick response to instant knowledge shift and concurrently deliver new products and services across channels. “e Sure Clinic, an innovative model of qualitative care delivery makes better use of technological advances coupled with medical expertise, that enables data processing at every stage of care delivery & helps practitioners in treating patients based on evidence,” explains Ankit 

WorkSure® core competency lies in its medical domain and a strong IT infrastructure accompanied with the concept of medically driven outcome-based solutions

Owing to the company’s steady growth, WorkSure has laid out its future roadmap ahead pertaining to certain technological advancements and geographical expansions. The company is gearing up to launch its new range of IT based products in the market and is also planning to broaden its service portfolio, while introducing newer technological upgrades to enhance the patient care system. “WorkSure has envisioned spreading its reach in the Asian market through its offices in Singapore and furthering into Middle-East and African region as well,” concludes Ankit.