Med-Digital initiatives are now serving as knowledge reservoirs of education for healthcare

The phenomenal change of the digital world during the last few decades has revamped the thinking and learning capability drastically. Healthcare system is adequately influenced by digitalisation and thereby prompting a need to change traditional patient education based on paper and vocal methodology to an active audio-visual digital system. Although, conventional tactics such as conferences and face-to-face details are still important tools when marketing of devices and drugs are concerned. In this era of digitalization, physicians need to update themselves, possibly by digital education programs like turning online to resources for continuous medical education (CME), retrieving patient education materials, viewing guidelines etc.

The Internet has been a key factor in driving globalization in recent years. It provides easy convenience to learn, update, and communicate among patients, families, and health providers. Digital platforms can also evaluate the impact of internet-based programs on health events, promotion, and consumer fulfilment. With the help of digital discoveries, the treatment outcome in patients has fairly improved..

Besides e-services, telehealth has also increased practice alternative for providers. Telehealth encompasses a broad variety of technologies and tactics to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. Telehealth is now more commonly used as it describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education, and other related fields of healthccare. These include, dentistry, counselling, physical and occupational therapy, home health, chronic disease monitoring and management, disaster management and consumer and professional education.

One of centered digi platform, YouTube is found to offer many advantages over self-publication, mainly in terms of scientific simplification, increased audience attraction, identitibility, and analysis. In context to the transitory awareness seen in most YouTube content, the channel is gaining non-stop popularity. YouTube’s broadcast mock-up distributed aspects of the connection between educators and their learners, thereby restrictive its use for more purposeful activities, such as to continuing patient medical education.

The National Health Services (NHS) Commissioning Board, in 2013, launches its new integrated customer service policy. According to the new service utilises which include the full range of channels like web, telephone, apps etc to offer access to information to support precision, involvement and communication. Digital health services have verified benefits in informed choice, shared result making and patient contribution.

Also patient education has an important role to play in management of chronic health. Many recent studies, in patients with multiple chronic diseases, demonstrated that efficient patient education can result in improved clinical outcomes and also minimise the utility of critical medical care services. Computer based education plans have been shown to improve disease-specific information which also helps in self-management. Increasing patient curiosity in using computing, development of technical capabilities of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), effectively provide a possibly attractive tool for patient education. PDA is now getting a high class acceptance for both patients and clinicians as an interactive patient-education tool.

Different elements in society are now taking an advantage of digital technology to craft beneficial relationship. Each and every element in the multifaceted system of health care and medical guidance can thus be easily connected, and involve the patient in the heart of care and the trainee’s in progress relationship to the patients to focus them on education.

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