Med-Digital Marketing can address the challenges in all paradigms of healthcare

Digital is a crucial part of everyday life. Digital marketing is an online or web marketing for the promotion and sale of goods. Medico-Healthcare digital marketing involves use of IT digital tools & strategies for promotion and sales of products related to Pharma/Biotech/Medical device/Nutraceutical industry.

Digital marketing is equally effective in addressing both the paradigm of healthcare that is doctors as well as patients. With the help of digital discoveries, the outcomes of treatment in patients has fairly improved. Healthcare information search is one of the most common online activities among internet users of all ages. Electronic gadgets like mobiles and laptops are vehicle of digital marketing which provides updated information on a specific topic. Some researchers have found that 72% of patients use internet to search for information on hospitals, doctors & they search for the disease and drugs & other health related issues. Apart from single way of communication, IT tools now act as listening posts for customer feedback also.

Digital Healthcare is the intersection between two huge sectors life sciences & healthcare technology.  Most of the Life sciences & healthcare technology companies plan to increase their investments in digital healthcare to improve the sales of pharmaceutical products. Conventional marketing tools such as product brochures, catalogs, visual aids can be adapted and reproduced easily in digital interactive format for better understanding. This can happen both with and without physical presence of company representative. The distant marketing is beneficial for the audience to get the fruitful information without taking any physical appointment to the doctors; and doctors also can read and comment on this in their leisure time.

Digital Marketing in healthcare industries has raised new marketing avenues and provides an independency to do such activities in innovative ways. The physicians also have more interest to read the information in the digital channels because they have busy schedules & don’t have much time for medical representation. Physicians prefer to conduct easy tasks like information checking on mobile. Pharmaceutical companies are offering clinician’s online customer service portals, live video presentation to connect with patients easily.

Medical digital Marketing plays an important role in all over business strategy & going to change the world by affecting all business & mode of life. To have an effective content marketing strategy, healthcare companies must have a comprehensive, written plan for success. Different elements in society are now taking an advantage of digital technology to create beneficial relationship.

Digitization in medical & healthcare marketing has raised new opportunities & provides freedom to do innovative activities. Organizations have to follow promotional guidelines & code given by iFPMA, WHO & OPPI to maintain the sacredness of the information.

There are some benefits of medical digital marketing in pharma/biotech/medical device/nutraceutical industry

  • Improve the reputation of professionals
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Improve patients experience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase patient retention
  • Improve brand perception
  • Less time consuming
  • Reasonable prices
  • Can find customer globally
  • Easier to get the right audience

The medical & Pharma industry is competitive & more patients have gained by being more active on social media. Today’s digital generation demands, a customized & precise marketing strategy, physicians need to update themselves possibly by digital education programs like turning online to resources for continuous medical education (CME), retrieving patient education materials, viewing guidelines etc.

The development of miniaturized IT devices such as smartphones & tabs, healthcare providers (hospitals, Pharmaceuticals companies and device companies) spread & promote the desired messages & Information to the patients located at remote places.

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