Medical digital marketing: bridging the gap between care providers and end users

Medico or healthcare digital marketing involves use of IT and digital tools and strategies for promotion and sales of products related to pharma/medical/ biotech industry. Apart from direct product promotion, digital marketing can be used effectively to build a brand or establish an entirely new therapy segment.

With rapid digitization and internet reach over last decade, the conventional marketing strategies no longer provide the quintessential edge to their clients. Although healthcare is slow to embrace the digital marketing, it is fast catching up with other sectors which depend heavily on sales and marketing.

Digital marketing is equally effective in addressing both the paradigms of healthcare i.e. doctors and patients. Whether there is a question of providing recent updates to single physician practices using customized digital content on iPADs or running a mass patient education campaign, software tools can handle myriad of tasks. Mass mailers with targeted messaging and subtle branding are now routinely being used to spread the massage among larger audience.

Conventional marketing tools such as product brochures, catalogs and visual aids can now easily be adapted and reproduced in the digital format. These are then circulated to the desired audience instantly without the need for taking a formal physical appointment for providing information to the doctors. Providing sponsored updates on regular basis on any therapeutic area or relevant topic is also a useful marketing strategy. This can be easily accomplished using various digital channels such as newsletters, mass mailers and online blogs.
Apart from the one-way communication, IT tools now act as listening posts for customer feedback. Although, this does not strictly fall under the ambit of marketing, yet collection and analysis of customer feedback (hospitals/physicians and patients) is an important function of after sales activities. This may be particularly of interests for medical device manufacturers.

With the advent of miniaturized IT devices such as smart phones and tabs, healthcare providers (pharma/hospitals and device companies) can propagate the desired message to patients located at remote places. Specialized apps or applications which double-up as marketing tools, are increasingly being used for promoting the product. Mind boggling spread of internet has fueled social media growth over last few years. Needless to say that social media has further helped to bridge the ever decreasing gap between care providers and end users. Pharma companies can now run social media campaigns to build product awareness among the medical fraternity. Large amount of relevant messaging can simply be uploaded on these sites which can be viewed by the concerned stake holder at their convenience.

Digitalization in healthcare marketing has opened new marketing avenues and provided freedom to do such activities in innovative ways. However, with freedom comes great responsibility. To ensure this, digital marketing is governed with laws and ethics. Organizations have to follow the promotional guidelines and codes given by iFPMA and WHO to maintain sanctity of information.

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