Medical Affairs Management

Medical Affairs management identify and address the medical needs associated with products, therapies and disease states thereby driving improvement in patient outcomes in line with commercial objectives. Medical Affairs came into existence in pharmaceutical and biotech industries to aid interactions between health care professionals and company representatives. However with time, the role of Medical Affairs has transformed from being a traditional support function to an equal partner role.
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Clinical research & regulatory activities

Medical Affairs team works closely with the clinical development team for planning and organizing clinical development plan, protocol development, investigator selection and meetings, ongoing data maintenance and management, statistical analysis & interpretation, report writing activities etc. They are involved in pharmacovigilance, regulatory support, post marketing safety and surveillance studies. Medical Affairs professionals evaluate and conduct pharmacoeconomic studies to facilitate cost effective health care decision making. The Medical Affairs department plays a central role in strategizing regular audits for checking compliance and quality assurance.

Medical Marketing and business development

The complexity of Medical Marketing is one of the important aspects of a business proposal in the pharmaceutical industry. Promotion refers to all informational and convincing activities by company and distributors, the effect of which is to bring about the prescription, supply, purchase and/or use of medicinal drugs. Medical Affairs review external communications for ethical and credible promotion of all brands. Across product life cycle, the Medical Affairs provide guidance on therapy positioning in all marketing and promotional campaigns and keep a close watch on the approvals. Medical Affair activities ensure appropriate market conditioning which has a real impact on increasing product awareness.

Medical Affairs & Medical Reviews

Medical Affairs identify and address the medical needs associated with products, therapies and disease states of a pharma/biotech company, thereby driving improvement in patient outcomes in line with commercial objectives. WorkSure™ Medical Affairs function supplements the work of research & development and also enhances sales and marketing efforts of pharmaceutical/ biotech company.
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Medical Writing

Medical writing, an integral part of medical research and communication, can be defined as an art of creating scientific documents with the aim of transmitting information of technical nature in lucid and simple manner to health care professionals, scientific community, general public and patients. Target audience needs normally define the pattern of medical writing. The language for medical education of Physician/healthcare professional has to be highly technical while simple and lay communications are required to connect with general public or patients.
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Medical Education and Training

Field of medicine is ever-changing with constant flow of new knowledge and information. The role of the Medical Education at WorkSure™ is to deliver precise, complete and impartial information that supports a product (drug or device), medical or clinical research to health care professionals. Medical education activities include CMEs, seminars, small group meetings, updates and conferences etc. We create and deliver effective and successful training programs for clinical, scientific, marketing and sales personnel.
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Medical Research

India is in great need of developing a strong base for conducting medical and clinical research in the country. Medical research in India is still at large limited to some apex medical institutes and central laboratories. The time is ripe enough to have more medical research centers in the country, which shall focus on the diseases prevalent in our country for the benefit of mankind. Indian doctors see a largest pool of patients in a day,but lack of proper inclination towards the medical research methodologies doesn’t lead to any blockbuster outcome.
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